A landing page is somewhere that you want to let customers know of a targeted promotion or get them to sign up to become a subscriber.

It’s basically a web page laid out with a single goal, either to sell a product directly or to add customers to a specific email list.

Some people call any web page a landing page, as that’s where your visitor has ‘landed’, which I guess is true, but when we’re talking about using a landing page for a purpose, this is a true landing page.

Of course, you need to make sure that the landing page has an obvious goal from the visitors point of view, if they take a look at the page and aren’t sure what you’re offering or selling, then you’re doing it wrong.

Your home page isn’t a landing page as such, but it can be a great place to target people to the right page and to explain more about your business and products or services.

Landing pages should have a clear call-to-action, what is it you want your visitors to do, either sign up to subscribe or to buy something.

Here are some examples of great landing pages with a clear purpose :




Here is a simple example of one I just made up : https://www.polygonsky.com/landing-page/