When you start a new business, or get a new website for an existing business, one of the biggest challenges is to get your website ranking well with search engines.

One part of that is keywords.

Keywords help search engines discover your site and rank it so that it’s relevant to a customers search.

In the past, websites were chocked full of words and phrases, repeated and repeated, just so search engines would notice them. Those days are over.

You now need to make sure you have relevant and appropriate keywords in your site content and images.

The best place to start is your competitors, check out what words they’ve used to describe what they do. Don’t just copy them, but learn from them. What’s relevant to you and your business?

Other places to look are Social Media profiles like facebook or linkedin.

Try to think like a customer, what would you type in to a search engine to find what you are offering?

Make a list of key phrases that you think will help you boost your search engine rankings, start with words and phrases that are not common, if your key phrase is ‘builder London’, you’re not going to get anywhere as it’s too vague and far too high volume. Try something more personal and really relevant to you and your business and you will reap the rewards.

Remember, always use relevant words and phrases that describe you and your business, in the long run, that will help you get more business from search engines and help your website and business succeed.