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Having a security certificate on your website promotes trust and helps with SEO.

You can now add a simple and secure SSL certificate to your site, if you use siteground, it’s really easy and we show you how to do it.

And it’s all free to do!

Follow along below :

Make sure you have a full backup of your website (Files and Database) and know how to restore it!

Go to your hosts domain control panel, if using Siteground go to and login

Click the My Accounts tab (Step 1 in image below)

Click the ‘Go to CPanel’ button in the top left (Step 2 in image below)


Scroll down to the security section and click the Let’s Encrypt icon


From here you can choose which domain (If you have more than one!) to install the security certificate on


Click Install

This will take a few moments and you should get a message to say installation was successful

You now need to login to your WordPress Dashboard and install a plugin

Add a new Plugin

Search for ‘Really Simple SSL’


Install Now and then Activate the plugin

Click the ‘enable SSL’ button

Visit your site and you’ll see the padlock that identifies your site as secure

You’ll have to log back in to WordPress

If you’re running any analytical plugins, you’ll need to update them with your new ‘https’ url

That’s it, you’re website is now secured!

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