Month: March 2015

Is it time to ‘Freak’ out?

So here we go again, another security bug that could reveal your encrypted data, called Freak.  It’s been around for decades apparently, but it’s only just been discovered, which does prove how difficult it is to find bugs in such complicated software, but also highlights the dangers we still face, even when we think we are safe. There are many servers that still remain at risk, even some servers that are behind some of the biggest websites around the world, including! According to the researchers on the user side, Apple’s Safari web browser on its iPhone, iPad and...

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Always On SSL

When we decided to start PolygonSky, we made one big decision.  All our managed sites would be secure as standard. This is what’s known as ‘Always on SSL’ or ‘Always on HTTPS’, it’s a way to keep your data and your customers data safe. Most sites only enable SSL when you are buying products and require payment, but all those contact forms you submit your details too, that data is unencrypted and easily accessible. Also, recently Google have announced that they have started to favour secure sites in their search results, so even more reason to do it. Now...

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Talk Talk Data Stolen

It seems we don’t go a few days with another news story about data being stolen.  And so here we are again, Talk Talk have revealed that they have been a victim of a major hack and have had customer data stolen. This has resulted in customers getting called from ‘fake’ customer service employees that say they are from Talk Talk and try and get customers divulge further info and even ‘buy’ security software from them, this though is just a ruse to get your payment details to steal from you. It’s always about money, so customers beware, if...

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